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Spring isn’t the only time where you clean out your closet, the end of summer is fast approaching and is the perfect time to sell your designer handbags! 

This past March 2020, we launched Trendful Resell, a new feature where you can easily sell your designer handbags INSTANTLY online!

The process is simple: 

1. Visit and click ‘Sell Your Bag Now’

2. Find your bag--select the designer, model, style, and size

3. Describe the condition--choose between excellent, great, good, or fair

4. Reveal your offer!

5. Choose how you would like to get paid! (Bank Transfer / Check / PayPal)

6. Confirm and ship your bag!

Once you confirm you wish to sell your bag, you will receive a confirmation email with your USPS Priority mail shipping label.

Don’t worry if you can’t find your specific bag you can upload pictures! 

Upload at least 3 pictures (i.e. exterior, interior, labels) and we will respond via email within 24 hours with an instant buyback offer.

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions, otherwise check out our FAQs here

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