What's in your closet?--with Anchyi Adorned

We are very excited in our 4th episode of our 'What's in your closet?' blog series to explore the closet of the always stylish, Anchyi Adorned, you can find her on Instagram @anchyi

We hope you enjoy our interview with her as much as us! 

Tell us about yourself

Creative wanderlust and passionate about making a positive change.

Love for the arts - whether it be visual or fashion - has always been in my bones. 

Being from Taiwan I was always taught to focus on academics and not the arts, after getting an Engineering degree and working decades in the tech industry - it took a while for me to find my creative outlet. My ultimate goal is to be a global nomad working on what I'm most passionate about - fashion, creative visualizations, and saving our environment!

Describe your style

I'm a maximalist - more is more!

I gravitate towards looks that generate an emotion. Usually, those are in opposing categories - Avant-garde vs. retro, sculptural vs. fluid. My looks can either be mistaken for a costume (which has happened on multiple occasions!) or breezy, island vacation style while still making a statement. 

Do you have any favorite brands that you like to wear?

I'm obsessed with anything Gucci does under Alessandro Michele, and Rei Kawakubo's aesthetic. Anything with tropical vibes like Johanna Ortiz. Marine Serre's innovative mix of texture and prints.  Richard Quinn's colors.  I've been quite impressed with Cult Gaia's designs lately - they've come a long way since those Ark bags!

What is your go-to outfit?

Airy, voluminous maxi dresses and/or fitted tops with wide-leg pants.

What’s the oldest thing that you have in your collection?

I have quite a few vintage items from the ‘70s, but the item I've held onto the longest is probably a Prada nylon bag from the late 90's/early 2000 - similar to the Reeditions that came out recently!

What’s the newest addition(s) to your closet?

I finally went for this crystal J.W.Anderson harness - It's totally impractical during a pandemic, but magically transforms any boring top or dress into something interesting and I'm obsessed.

Do you have something that you keep, but never wear and/or use?

I have this crazy Junya Watanabe faux leather top that I've worn once but kept for years. I'm not sure what I'll ever do with it, but it seems like a collector's item to me! 

Besides that, I have quite a few glamorous, event-worthy pieces that I've worn once or some none at all, they're just waiting for the next occasion! By the way, things are looking now, that won't be anytime soon, but it doesn't matter. I'm happy just looking at them! 

Do you have a favorite and/or special item in your closet?

There are so many - but shockingly one of my absolute favorites is a breezy Lyocell dress from H&M Conscious collection. It feels like nothing on, the softness of the fabric, and the roomy cut are all pretty much what I'd want to wear for years and years to come. 

It also has special memories attached since I first wore it while in Bali, Indonesia - an experience unlike any of our other travels as that was our first look into the possibility of having homes in other parts of the world.

Would you buy secondhand items? If yes, do you have favorite places to find secondhand clothing?

I quite often buy second-hand items! I find them mostly online at The RealReal and LePrix.

Do you wear vintage clothing, shoes, handbags, and/or accessories? If yes, do you have any that you LOVE wearing?

Some of my most loved pieces are vintage!

They are mostly clothing, and it feels so special to find that unique piece and daydream about the story behind it.

My most loved is this colorful, ‘70s jumpsuit that I found at a local vintage store which unfortunately it is no longer open. It's so easy to throw on in the summer!

Would you consign your gently used items you no longer wear? 

I consign my items regularly - it's a must to make room for more items! 

The only item I have regrets consigning is the Marine Serre moon print catsuit, which is now all over Beyonce's new video!

Do you wear fast fashion items?

I do but have been cutting down fast fashion shopping in the past few years. I shop at H&M's Conscious collection once or twice a year and have several Zara items that can be used for years to come. 

Even then, I try to decrease shopping at these places to reduce waste and allow more focus on emerging designers. Besides these two, I've completely cut out other fast fashion places.

Do you have any high-end contemporary designer items in your closet? And/or do you have any dream items you would aspire to have?

I have an original Alexander McQueen piece from 2009 and a new Richard Quinn dress which are both works of art!

My dream item would be anything by Iris Van Herpen.  

Do you have anyone who inspires your clothing aesthetic? 

I love the looks of Michele Elie - she reminds me to stick with your personal aesthetics and not fall victim to trends. 

Alessandro Michele shows me it's ok to be over-the-top and Iris Apfel is who I will most likely look like in the future!

How do you keep your closet organized? 

It's a hot mess, but somehow I know where everything is!

I'm in a small DC rowhouse, so space is very limited. I don't have a walk-in closet but have taken over about 5 areas throughout the house as my closet - including a bathroom! They are primarily organized by item category, then loosely by color/texture.

What would your dream closet look like?

My dream closet would be a combination of archival Comme des Garcons and items from Dover Street Market, juxtaposed with breezy beachy looks and kaftans.


Pictures all taken from @anchyi's Instagram account.

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