Happy 4th of July Holidays from Trendful

Independence Day is just a few days ahead, and whether you are planning on celebrating 4th of July poolside, at the grill or on the couch; Trendful went through a bunch of  “Happy 4th of July” Instagram posts of the past year, from local influencers to the ones with a few hundred thousands followers. 

Initially, our objective was to collect some fun and patriotic outfit ideas for the holiday. But, while we were visiting your Instagrams, we noticed that the 4th of July is more about enjoying time with family and friends. Whether it is about sharing meals, watching TV, partying, or traveling; building memories with the important ones is the general rule. Below, are a few Instagram posts that show the vibe of the holiday.

For people from DC, it seems a walk by the National Mall is a ‘must-do’. See below, @caroline_beuley in front of the Capitol with very patriotic pants paired with a Led Zeppelin t-shirt, how can she be cooler?!

To continue our research of fun outfits for the 4th of July, we loved the duo @theemilyedition and @classyandkate! The perfect paired outfit to binge-watch a TV show with your best friend… What’s even funnier, is that I was also binge-watching Stranger Things last year with Jackie.

For people who plan on spending the 4th poolside, you can’t go wrong with swimwear. Going through your Instagrams, we noticed that most of you choose this option. Indeed, it seems the easiest but especially, there are so many choices that you can be certain your chaise longue and/or towel neighbor can’t have the same; blue, white, red, with stripes or not, there are a myriad of colors and shapes! Last year, @stylishlytaylored picked a red swimwear and she looked awesome wearing it!

Some of you opt for accessories, we love the sunglasses of @stylish_samantha, who seems to be very creative with 4th of July outfits, check her account if you need inspiration!

Others are making a particular effort on decoration; flags, balloons, necklaces, etc. But especially, the 4th of July can be about the growing American family; we congratulate @cheraleelyle who got her American citizenship a few days ago.

And finally, a cute 4th of July family post from @mykameier account; with her daughter in a little blue dress with embroidered red lobsters. We are melting!

Every one of us, American Citizens or only US residents, should have a sense of belonging wherever we find ourselves. The entire team Trendul wishes you Happy 4th of July! 




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