Top Five New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year Ladies!

We are in a new decade. How does it feel? Now that 2020 has arrived, everyone is starting their New Year's resolutions. We guess that most of them are to hit the gym more or drink less caffeine. But how about also adding some consumption resolutions into the mix to make sure you have the most stylish year yet while remaining eco-friendly.

Read our top five 2020 New Year's resolutions:


If you are concerned about the environment, changing your habits in order to reduce your ecologic footprint is a good way to begin the year. One impactful habit is to buy pre-loved items to help stop the cycle of ‘buy it-use once-throw it.’ If you have read our previous article, you are aware than most of our wardrobe items are worn less than 10 times. Let’s enjoy this opportunity by purchasing pre-owned items, which are typically in like-new condition, and of course always less than retail prices. By purchasing gently pre-owned fashion you can not only find quality items that will last, but you will save money, allowing you to have your cake and eat it too!


Who hasn’t already dreamt of owning a fancy designer item and thought that she would never be able to afford it?

Put your hands down girls, this year you will get your dream handbag and/or shoes, clothing, jewelry, etc. Now’s the time to be smarter shoppers; first think about all items in the past you have bought but you didn’t really need, or you have never even worn. Next, compute the total value of these items and instead of purchasing a bunch of fast-fashion items, transfer this amount into a savings account, and you would easily have $500 on it or even more… Scary, isn’t it?

On our website, you will find plenty of items within your budget that will last a lifetime and perhaps even gain value over time. If you change your mind or your style, don’t worry we have a solution for that problem too!


New decade, new closet. We totally understand your desire for new adventures, new treasures and of course, new fashion!

Instead of relegating previous-decade clothing to the back of your wardrobe, create value by allowing others to make them thrive. Nowadays, you can resell clothing, accessories, and jewelry on a lot of websites, including us! Each website is different, but at Trendful simply contact us with a description of your item along with a few pictures and we will get back to you with your potential resell value of your items.

For more information about consigning click here. Don’t worry we take care of everything from pricing, photography, marketing, etc. Sit, back and relax while you earn money. How magic is 2020?!

If you think that your item is not resell-worthy, think about the different charitable associations. There is no special time or decade to make others happy!


If each of us thinks about it, we have more than enough clothes to come up with an infinite number of outfits. However, have you ever noticed that a carefully chosen accessory can transform a basic outfit into an amazing look?

Instead of shopping for clothing, maybe it’s time to shop for necklaces, earrings, bags, belts, and shoes. And for the heck of it, why would you not apply the resolution 4 while applying the resolution 2. 


Stop playing it so safe, 2020 is part of the decade of creativity and self-expression! Once more, you can use accessories to your full advantage. With your previous-decade clothes and your new treasures, mix the looks and play the diversity with highly specific outfits. Trust us, you will enjoy it.

Wishing you a happy, grateful and trendy year!



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