10 ways to style silk scarves

A silk scarf is a great accessory to perfect your look. Since silk is a very lightweight material, you can wear scarves not only during spring but during the summer months as well, and lucky for us there are a multitude of easy ways that you can style a silk scarf!

If you, like many women, are always at a loss of how to style your silk scarves look no further than these 10 simple ways in which to perfect an outfit with silk scarves!

The Western Style

The western way works best for those transitional crisp spring days. To create this look, simply fold the scarf into a triangle, next put it around the neck keeping hold of the two ends, now cross the two ends at the back and bring round to the front to complete the knot. To get the look you desire you can change the location and the type of the knot. This look looks great styled under a blazer or paired with a collared shirt. How would you style this look?

Over the Shoulders

During spring, the days are warm and the evenings cool and the over the shoulder style is a perfect way to protect your shoulders from the sun or keep you warm with the crisp evening air. To create this look, simply fold the scarf into a triangle and tie the two ends loosely into a knot (either at the front or side). This style is lovely with a square silk scarf and looks great with a dress or collared shirt. How would you wear this look?


Necktie Style

If you thought that a necktie was too formal, take a silk scarf to keep the posh vibe with a casual look. Silk scarves are thin and lightweight enough that it can be easily tied around your neck. Wear this style with a great blazer or under a collared blouse for a sophisticated and chic look! Would you wear a silk scarf like this?


Collar Style

To achieve this chic look, simply fold the scarf into a band. Next, put the band around your neck, holding onto the two ends cross at the back and bring the ends around to knot at the front. The chic collar offers a variety of styles according to the width of the band, the kind of knot you make and where you locate it (in the middle or on the side). We recommend that you try different variations to decide which way works best for you! How would you knot this collar style, at the side or in the center?

Loosely Around the Neck

This style is by far the easiest way to wear a silk scarf, simply fold the scarf into a triangle, next fold it into a band that approximately 2 inches in width. This style would be perfectly paired with a blazer or sweater.  

Knotted Loosely Around the Neck

This look is a slight variation to the idea mentioned above. After making a band around your neck, simply tie the scarf into a loose knot at the front. Also, by tying the scarf more or less loosely, you can reach different outfit goals. This style would make for a chic casual look paired with a blouse or collared top. What top would you wear this scarf style with?

 Neckerchief Style

You can easily achieve this chic style with a short scarf, simply fold the scarf into a triangle, holding the two ends put it around your neck and tie two ends at the back. Pair this style with a great dress or with a jacket.

Worn as a Belt

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a silk scarf can only be worn around the neck, stand out by choosing to wear yours like a belt. You simply have to fold the scarf into a band and tie it around the waist. It matches well with a dress or even through the belt loop of a pair of pants. Very easy and so pretty!

Knotted onto a Handbag

You have a simple bag and you want to refine it? Or a friend has the same bag as you, then you don’t want to use the bag anymore? You can use a silk scarf to accessorize your accessory. Simply tie the scarf at one handle of your bag, be ready to make others jealous!

Styled in your Hair

Did you already know about all the other ways to use silk scarves… For the more advanced fashionista check out another chic way in which to style your scarves, simply tie you silk scarves into your hair and make a boring updo très chic. Have you tried styling your scarves in your hair?

Wow! Who would have thought that there were so many ways in which to style your silk scarves!! Don't be afraid to try these different styles to see which one works best for you! 



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